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Computer Health & Security tips

1. Keep your antivirus products up to date.

2. Check for Spyware & Malware attacks.

3.  Do not fall for hoax phone callers pretending to be Microsoft and asking for your credit card details to clear a fictitious virus on your computer. If you have given them details contact your bank to stop your debit card, change your email password and change your phone number.

4.   Register all your phone numbers with to slow down nuisance phone calls and use a caller display on your phone.

5.  Do a regular backup of your documents, pictures, music, e-mails, address books, contacts & financial details. Do not leave the backup with your computer or in the same bag as your laptop for security reasons.

6.  Do not leave your laptop or other valuable items, within sight of a window in your unattended home or car.

7.  Keep your profiles private on Facebook, Twitter & other social network websites also download all the Microsoft security updates.

8.  Do not purchase anything on a public network as people can monitor your computer. Only purchase from a secure website address that is https: not http: and always use a firewall.

9.  Defragment your hard drive regularly.

10. Do not use a laptop on a bed or other soft surfaces as this can block the air cooling circulation, blow the motherboard and cause house fires    


Health tips 

  A: Correct Sitting posture. Use the “Alexander techniques”.

  B: Eyesight. Use the “Bates method” or “Acupressure/Shiatsu” to maintain eyesight and wellbeing.

  C: Neck and wrist pain. Use “Acupressure/Shiatsu” points for relief.  


"Warn everyone about this scam" 

 Victims have calls from someone impersonating "Microsoft" from a fictitious address saying their computers are infected. They get the victims to install software so they can remotely access all their files and control their computers. They remotely install & run software to find hundreds of computer registry errors. They convince the victims that their computers are seriously infected with Virus's, Spyware & Malware. 

 They clean the systems of fictitious infections and harmless registry 'errors'. They demand the victims pay with their Credit or Debit cards. If they pay them by card they always remove far more from the victims bank accounts than the agreed price.  During or after the session they will also steal all of the victims personal files and E-mails.

 If the victims refuse to hand over their credit card details they remove all their correspondence and set a start-up password on the victims computers. When switching on the computer they get a message saying " this computer is configured to require a password in order to start up".  The criminals then demand a ransom for the password for releasing the data.

This is a known scam of organized gangs who try to extort money out of innocent victims. They call phones at least once a week, sometimes more. If they find a victim they also pass the persons details on to other international criminal gangs.

There is ransomware infections around that can encrypt all your files and demand you pay a ransom to decrypt them. They now use CryptoLocker, AES and Stealth encryption, which can be impossible to see and decrypt unless you pay a ransom for the password. 

Tell them you do not own a computer and they will hang up.

If you have been victim of this crime you should inform your Bank, Police & Family.


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