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Most Screens repaired within 2 days

Laptop & Tablet screens replaced

I can come to you or you can bring it to me !

If you have just dropped your laptop, dropped something on the screen or returned home to find your laptop's LCD screen mysteriously cracked, don't worry, most laptop screens are replaceable.

The price of LCD screens has dropped dramatically over the last few years, making it cost effective and easy to replace the screen.

Most replaced within 2 working days.

 I offer a fast and reliable Laptop Screen Replacement for most types of laptops ACER, DELL, HP, COMPAQ, IBM, LENOVO, SONY, FUJITSU, TOSHIBA, GATEWAY etc..

Symptoms of LCD or LED Laptop screen damages that Computer Repairs of Corsham can repair and fix include:

Broken Laptop Screen - Vertical or Horizontal Lines

Dim Laptop Screen  -  Flickering Laptop Screen

Faint images on your screen  -  No Laptop video image

Faded laptop - Screen is completely black

Smashed LCD screen by accident (both internal and external cracks)

Weird dead pixels on the Vertical or horizontal bar across the screen

Spilled water on the screen (Don't ask - Don't tell)

Screen damage is usually caused by hard impacts to the laptops. Remember, the screen is a very sensitive and fragile piece of equipment. Even the slightest amount of pressure on your laptop screen can cause it to break.

If you have a broken or problematic laptop screen, don't jump on ebay and sell your laptop for considerably less than it's worth. I can replace your laptop screen and return it to that fresh, crisp out-of-the-box look.